Our Services

We have the expertise and years of experience to restore old photos that have faded away or have scratches, marks, tears, creases, stain, fire & water damage, dust, fading or any other damage.


We believe restoration is far more than just repairing a photo. We can do colour correction, cropping, add or remove people in group photos, photo cut outs, change backgrounds, objects or people, build missing parts using reference photo, photo stitching panoramic or torn images or complete repair with optional colourisation.


So if you have been unable to share your old photos with family and friends because they are not in a good condition or just want to honour your ancestors by telling your story or learn something about your own heritage then it’s time to bring them into our store to get them repaired by our expert team.

Picture Restoration

  • Picture Restoration Prices
    Type Price From  
    Minor Picture Restoration £10
    Major Picture Restoration £20
Picture Retouch

  • Picture Retouch Prices
    Size Price  
    6" x 4" Retouch £3
    7" x 5" Retouch £5
    8" x 6" Retouch £6
    10" x 8" Retouch £8
    12" x 8" Retouch £10