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Comb / Wire Binding

Make an impression by presenting your hours of hard work in a properly bound booklet. A well printed and bound document will reflect all the hard work that went into creating the content with it. In addition to printing, we offer in house Document Binding Service with fast turnaround time mostly while you wait. Our binding types includes Comb Binding and Wire Binding. Ideal for report essays and dissertations. We can bind up to 450 Sheets. Our binding comes with a choice of different colour covers Clear, black, blue, maroon and cream.


  • Document Binding Prices
    No of Sheets Comb / Wire Size Price
    25 Sheets 6mm £2.99
    45 Sheets 8mm £3.99
    65 Sheets 10mm £4.99
    95 Sheets 12mm £4.99
    125 Sheets 14mm £5.99
    145 Sheets 16mm £6.99
    165 Sheets 19mm £7.99
    195 Sheets 22mm £7.99
    225 Sheets 25mm £8.99
    240 Sheets 28mm £8.99
    280 Sheets 32mm £9.99
    330 Sheets 38mm £9.99
    390 Sheets 45mm £10.99
    450 Sheets 51mm £10.99