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Ink Cartridge Refills

Most Ink cartridges can be refilled and reused time and time again. Multiple refills can be achieved on a well maintained integrated cartridge rather than replacing it with the new one after first use. Our expert team are trained to refill most ink cartridges from the major brands i.e HP and Canon. By getting your ink cartridge refilled you are saving up to 50% versus buying a new cartridge.


Think refill not landfill. By refilling your ink cartridge, you are not only making financial savings but at the same time you are helping recycling and have an immediate impact on our environment. Each year more than a billion inkjet cartridges and packaging end up in landfills.


The process of getting your ink cartridge refiled is quite easy. Simply drop off your empty ink cartridge at our store and our trained member of staff will refill and quality test the ink cartridge and have it ready for you to collect at a convenient time.


  • Ink Cartridge Refills
    Type Price  
    Black £10
    Colour £15
    Combo £20