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Kodak Express Digital Solutions

We are easy to find at the top of the A7 as you enter Edinburgh. Very close to the centre of the city, we are only 10 minutes walking distance from Princes St and have excellent bus links to all areas of the city.

Kodak Express, 47a South Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9NZ.
Tel: 0131 668 4000

Opening Hours:

Mon - Thu:   9am - 6pm

Fri:                   9am - 1pm & 2:30pm - 6pm

Sat:                 10am - 6pm

Review Us
" Excellent customer service. "     

claudia Riedel
" hello people before the load is a canvas with dragon and child, I can order the with you it need to 02.sept. in Germany. "     

Stuart Stott
" superb prints and service "     

" Theer's nothing like the relief of finding what you're looking for. "     

Alison Dunn
" Visited the South Clerk Street Shop - totally disappointed as I wanted a vintage cassette turning into a CD - Why did nobody tell me you broke the tape - I had to wait longer because your staff did not ask last Saturday for my telephone when this obviously happened - I was rung up today and instead of a polite customer friendly person you got someone coughing down the mobile stating my cd was ready. The previousweek I went in and was asked why I had not left a number - err reason your staff never asked " - I wasn't expecting alot as your disinterest in customers is pretty legendary but I want to make sure everyone knows that the cd I got for for an half an hours running and I got a 16.57 - even basic maths tells me something is missing. The cassette tape was not broken and was still able to be turned it in the spools. I sang on this CD when I was 12 and since my birthday was next week and I am 54 its pretty vintage but I will now have to get the cassette fixed and spliced. Thanks for being so rubbish. I will be contacting your Kodak office "     

" Went into the South Clerk street shop in Edinburgh today, it was like travelling back in time. The self-service printing computers are ancient and take absolutely ages to work and frequently freeze up. Once I'd spent around 30 minutes trying to print five 12x12 photos, I left the shop and when I got home realised that one of the photos had been printed on photo paper that had been handled with grubby, greasy fingers and also had ink smudges on the sides. Not impressed. Will be going back tomorrow to get a refund and hopefully reprint on good quality paper, will still no doubt have to wait. Shop needs a 21st century refit ASAP! "     

" Poor customer service "     

" Kodak Express at the Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre was recommended to me and I couldn't agree more. Ali who took care of my passport photos is very much aware of and knowledgeable about the strict requirements for (UK and Foreign) passports and so gets it right ! And he is also very nice, very helpful ,very pleasant. People and businesses like this should rewarded for their efforts and should be supported. And the shopping centre has free parking. Perfect. "